Tug Of War Club

Tug of War – the purest form of competition – one of the oldest strength sports.
It is a marriage of strength, power, passion and art.

The STRENGTH of a team, pulling together in unison and dedication.

The POWER of every fiber in your body, driven to one ultimate goal.

The PASSION to pull on – “Learn to Suffer” is our motto.

The ART of strength and unison, movement and stillness to win the battle.


Tug of war, tug o' war, or tug war, also known as rope pulling, is a sport that directly pits two teams against each other in a test of strength.

Two teams of eight, whose total mass must not exceed a maximum weight determined for the class, align themselves at the end of a rope (approximately 10 centimeters in circumference). The rope is marked with a "centre line" and two markings four meters either side of the centre line. The teams start with the rope's centre line directly above a line marked on the ground, and once the contest (the "pull") has commenced, attempt to pull the other team such that the marking on the rope closest to their opponent crosses the centre line, or the opponents commit a foul (such as a team member sitting or falling down). There are tug of war clubs in many countries, and both men and women participate. Want to become one of us? Join our weekly trainings in a Toronto boxing gym and become a member of our dedicated team today!

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All our participants obligatory pass medical expertize before the competition. They are examined by the leading specialists who care about the sportsmen's health, from family dentists to surgeons.